Repetition is Gold

Repetition is Gold

In this article, we are going to cover “Repetition” and why “Repetition is Gold”, especially in the financial industry. All serious financial advisors who have done well in this industry have used repetition to their advantage.

Succeeding in the financial industry is not about obtaining the right kind of portfolio mix or selling the right type of life cover. It is about consistency and being repetitive with your chosen techniques and practices daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. The advisors who truly achieve greatness in this industry are the ones who are repetitive in their tried and tested processes and structure.

In our recent blog on Time Management, I shared my Weekly Diary Management system with you. The reasons it works so well is it is simple and repetitive
As the saying goes “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” Your clients do not need you to do backflips or be the most amazing financial advisor on the entire planet. Instead they want you to be there when they need you and they want you to be consistent and repetitive with your service levels. Your clients want to know that they can trust you to guide them in the moments they need you most. That trust comes from repetitive consistency in your capacity as a financial advisor.
Keeping that in mind, consider how you are going to stick to your planning and create a default schedule. My advice would be to schedule an in-person, online or telephonic appointment with a successful Senior Advisor and ask the following question:
“What do you do consistently?” Their answer will most likely mention filling up their diary and being consistent in sticking to their tried and tested time management and other techniques.

Here are a few pointers around creating your very own repetitive default diary and scheduling system:
– Take a few minutes to sit down and think to yourself: “How can I be repetitive? How can I be reliable? How can I make a simple default schedule that is easy for me to stick to?”
– After brainstorming, implement your chosen strategy into your diary management system.
– Then repetitively implement your strategy into how you schedule your days.
– Create a default schedule and make sure that it is “boring” or mundane and simple to follow.
– Then be repetitive and consistent with implementing it every single week.

As always, I wish you all the best with the “Repetition is Gold” technique! This is something that works for me and other experienced financial advisors. Remember the repetitive strategy is a simple one, but the difficult part can be implementing it consistently. Make sure that you are dedicated to your created repetitive default diary and that you implement it every single week.

Luke Matthews | Hampshire Advisors

Luke Matthews

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