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Our current theme in our Advising the Advisor Group is Planning. We have covered Project 100 or Project 250 and
So, lockdown and Corona time is one of the few times when it is not great to be positive. However,
Our topic of this blog is “Robots”. Not the robots that fly spaceships or the ones you see on TV,
On our Advising the Advisor Group this month we will be focusing on a series of videos around the topic
Soft Selling versus Hard Selling As financial advisors, especially junior advisors, we tend to favor hard selling as we are
When interacting with our clients, it is important for us to stick to our strategies. The story of the tortoise
One of the biggest problems first and foremost when we engage with client is ourselves. There is a very big
Who pays the bills?
How many times have you walked into a room full of people and shied away from introducing yourself, because people
Coronavirus (2020) Death toll : 22,266 [494,180 infected] Originated : China World Population : 7.794 billion (March 2020) [Reference :
Most people are starting to realise that in an economy as ruthless as this one, you will need to adapt