Employee Benefits at Hampshire

Employee Benefits at Hampshire

It has become more difficult than ever for South Africans to prepare financially for devastating life changing events and to simultaneously save for their retirement

Surveys reveal that staff looking for positions would prefer companies who offer employee benefits as a part of their package over and above those companies who do not offer employee benefits. Not only is there growing social responsibility expected by companies to provide benefits for their staff but there is added expectation of staff to receive more than just a golden handshake after years of loyal hard work. Studies further prove that companies who offer employee benefits experience less absenteeism, increased lengths of employment and attract a better calibre of recruit. Legislation and taxation support the company to provide cost effective solutions for employee benefits and to remove any risk liability experienced by companies on the behalf of their staff and families.

The Hampshire employee benefits team is uniquely placed to enhance and compliment the independent advisors service offering

Not all financial advisors are equipped to offer employee benefits as the infra-structure required to administrate these funds is extensive and the advisor may not have the skills or licensing required to offer these services. This places the Hampshire employee benefits team in the unique position to partner with you to provide benefits to all your clients. We offer corporate pension and provident funds, corporate medical schemes and corporate gap cover for any size company, small, medium and large. Our team boasts licensed financial advisors and competent administrators, ready to market, implement, maintain and service your clients. Our base is in Durban but we provide services throughout SA.

The referral financial advisor is in charge and able to determine their own plan of action

Your client belongs to you and you own the relationship with your client. The employee benefits team is committed to partnering with you in the capacity that you feel comfortable with. We are equipped to run completely on our own while keeping you in the loop or you can partner with us on every level to ensure complete ownership of your client relationship. This partnership relationship will allow you to leverage off the employee benefits scheme to offer individual member financial planning and to facilitate any spin off business that occurs through the natural movements on schemes.

Building an annuity income for your retirement

Employee benefits commission is paid annually or monthly and is ongoing for as long as the scheme is active and under our license. You can build an annuity income to supplement your retirement by simply referring your business owners and companies to our employee benefits team. Business is placed under the license of the employee benefits advisor and commission is distributed accordingly through our channels for as long as we hold the fund. Secure your client from every angle by offering a full basket of professional insurance services.

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Employee Benefits at Hampshire

Bunty Wilson CFP NQF8
Employee Benefits Specialist

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