Hampshire Independent Advisors

Delivering Expert Financial Services

For 20 years

Who Are We

For 20 years we have been delivering an all-encompassing collection of Specialised Financial Services to our individual and corporate clients.

We are passionate team of qualified advisors who use our trusted systems and collaborative work environment to provide you, our clients, with customised financial advice based on turning your financial and investment dreams into reality.

Our progressive methods are driven by our unique relationships with all major assurers across the board.

Our Services

Our dynamic financial advisory services include Investment Management, Corporate Consulting, Personal Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Fiduciary Services, Short-term Domestic and Corporate Insurance, Medical Aid Cover and Hampshire offshore. This means we can provide our clients with a holistic basket of financial solutions to choose from. So, you can find the best option or combination of options that works for you or your business.

“Our Vision is to continue in our pursuit in becoming a functional, professional, efficient distributor of financial product. We are not there yet, we understand we never will be, that’s why we work so hard to make it better. Both for our clients, our distribution partners and our advisors”

– Rowan Matthews –